The 2016 KPSF Open

2016 marked the inaugural year of the Kunal Patel SF Open, the only USTA tennis tournament in San Francisco, which included men’s single USTA tournament, men’s doubles, and a social mixed doubles event across 4 days of competitive tennis.


Singles Finalist Leonardo Kirche (left) and Champion Victor Pham (right).

  • Men's Open Singles

    Best 2 out of 3 tiebreak sets, regular scoring

  • $5000 Prize

    Victor Pham

    Singles Champion
  • $3000 Prize

    Leonardo Kirche

    Singles Finalist
  • $1000 Each

    Denny Fafek, Oren Motevassel

    Singles Semifinalists
  • $500 Each

    Andre Dome, Austen Huang, Joel Kielbowicz, Nikita Matveiko

    Singles Quarterfinalists
  • Men's Open Doubles

    Best 2 out of 3 tiebreak sets with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a third set, no-ad scoring

  • $500 Each

    Andre Dome

    Max Ortiz

    Doubles Champions
  • $350 Each

    Allesandro Ventre

    Leonardo Kirche

    Doubles Finalists
  • $175 Each

    Denny Fafek, Joel Kielbowicz, Matt Seeberger, Rudolph Siwy

    Doubles Semifinalists